“Writing is thinking”.


After a few years of downtime and absence in blogging, I’ve decided to jump on the blogging train and resume sharing my thoughts, ideas, rumblings and notions.  Okay, let’s get real. I’m most likely not gonna write about Shakespeare or philosophy. This mostly is going to be filled with my thoughts and ideas about the future, technology and digital marketing.


Why here? Why now?

This is an interesting time for me with plenty of personal and career changes (More on that soon) . I have a great affinity for the written word and the concept of writing as a platform for thinking. You see once you sit down to write, you tend to get much more focused and organized, precise on your goals and ideas.

When Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post last year, one of the first lessons he urged the editors was to skip the big (and ugly) powerpoint presentations in favor of lengthy memos, outlining projects. Bezos believed that narrative writing forces people to think more deeply.

So hello again.