Every few weeks I’m collecting and curating some of the best stories about marketing technology, trends, analysis or just articles that are worth highlighting and sharing. Here are a bunch of them:

19 Demand Generating Content Formats That Aren’t a PDF–  Over the past few years, PDFs become the default format and method for marketers to publish their professional content.  They’re easy to download, send, design, and skim. Over the years, they’ve become the unofficial default for many marketers, but times are a changin.  When it comes to building buzz, holding attention, and reaching new markets, PDFs can fall a little … flat.  This wonderful post by the folks at Marketing Insider Group lists 19 interesting and unique alternatives to spur your creativity and replace the good old PDF’s as your marketing materials.

19 Demand Generating Content Formats That Aren’t a PDF

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Marketers: Take a Pin to That ‘Filter Bubble’– Yelena Gaufman is taking another look at the ‘Filter Bubble’, which I’ve covered before. It basically describes the byproduct of social algorithms: These attempt to align with our own natural tendencies by selecting online content that is personally relevant to us, based on our previous clicks/shares/views. And these algorithms have become increasingly effective at that task.  This post actually takes a different approach and examines how marketers can creatively utilize and work these smart algorithms in their favor.

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Give the people you’re targeting what they want — even if they don’t know yet what that is.











Creative or Analytical? Marketers Must Now Be Both– It is no secret, that I’m a big fan of analytics and marketing based technology tools, such tools are transformative and are changing the world of marketing and decision-making process as we know them.

The post depicts the new reality of the marketing world and examines some of the benefits of ongoing measurement and analysis as I’ve discussed before. When you incorporate analytical methods to marketing behavioral data, it tells a story—about your customers, your prospects, your company, and, of course, your marketing.  Today’s marketers need to blend in techno know-how and expertise as well as creativity to elevate the use of such tools and methods.

This redesigned view of marketing also introduces a new baseline in training, identifying, and hiring the right individuals. It’s a dramatic contrast to what an ideal candidate may have looked like just five years ago.

Knowledge of data-management principles and analytical strategies, an understanding of the importance of data quality and data governance, and a solid grasp of the value of data in marketing disciplines are now all essential.

Creative or Analytical? Marketers Must Now Be Both

Creative or Analytical? Marketers Must Now Be Both













80 Percent of B2B Buyers Expect Real-Time Interaction–  The guys at Convince and Convert have shown some interesting stats in regards to the differences and involvement of B2B marketing common practices VS B2C.   Hint:  B2B marketers can no longer afford to tell themselves that B2C marketing trends don’t apply to them.

There has long been a debate among businesses as to how their buyers buy, largely expressed in the terms of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C). A business purchase, such as selecting a blog software, is very different from a consumer shopping for a road bike.

Or is it? Jay Baer has said, “Our personal and commercial lives have collided in unprecedented ways.” The behaviors and attitudes we’ve adopted in recent years—thanks to our daily exposure to smartphones, social channels, and other tech advancements—are blending into our business lives.

In other words, our expectations of companies when we’re in the role of “business buyer” are advancing along a similar path as our expectations as consumers. A recent study by Salesforce Research, “State of the Connected Customer,” validates this idea in a new set of research, proving all buyers have the same fundamental expectations regardless of the type of purchase.


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