Hello folks, I hope your new year has started out well, and you’re rocking your marketing!

I was reading quite a few excellent martech based content this week, that I’d love to share it here.  Every few weeks I’m collecting and curating some of the best stories about marketing technology, trends, analysis or articles that are worth highlighting and sharing. Here are a bunch of them.


My friend, Omri Shabi has shared an interesting post by the folks at Chief Martech about Blockchain marketing, yes Bloackchain the technology that’s powering bitcoin and is revolutionizing the monetary markets worldwide. If you are a marketer who isn’t planning on retiring in the next year, it’s worth spending a bit of time to understand how the technology behind Bitcoin could change marketing.

Omri is a talented digital marketer and a fellow geek, The discussion on his Facebook post, was actually more insightful and interesting than the original post, with plenty of in-depth and concrete insights by fellow marketers and entrepreneurs. One particularly interesting comment came from my friend, Yael Rozencwajg, the founder of  The Community Of Creative Minds. She’s been working with a startup in the blockchain industry for about 4 months, and shared her thoughts:

  • Individuals will control their identities (aka “digital stamp”), personal data and co.
  • More “virtual currencies” will appear, each brand will get its own in reference to the market it evolves in, to improve loyalty and product relevancy.
  • Blockchain tech enables networks to grow and infrastructures to extend (= more features around the personae, more tools to use, more apps to help achieve actions, more people/communities connected to smart devices)
  • Technology related to big data is becoming highly secured – happening now (btw security is the new black, entrepreneurs go for it!).

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The next recommendation comes in the form of digital audio. I love podcasts, both creating audio content and consuming (but that’s for a different post).  It’s no secret that Hubspot, the company behind a powerful set of inbound marketing tools is crushing it!  Say what you want about them, but they’re producing an enormous amount of quality content like no one else.

I’ve recently discovered their podcast “The growth show“, it is a show for marketers, sales people, and entrepreneurs that are looking for practical tips, hacks, and insights on growing their businesses. Every week the show hosts influential and relevant guests to discuss the above topics. Each episode is only 20 minutes long, so it’s a pretty easy listening experience.

The growth show

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As the digital marketing environment becomes more and more crowded, the quest for user engagement is becoming increasingly competitive.

Some marketers are finding that a few specific tactics are producing impressive results when it comes to boosting response rates. From interactive content to personalized emails, they’re discovering that these tactics can be used as secret weapons for success. Great list by the guys at Business2community 5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Response Rates.


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Finally, the folks over at Marketing insider group has gathered a great list of content marketing ideas for SMBs. From the use of visual content (which is always popular and promoted on social networks) to video productions to repurposing information. This list will offer you a fresh spark of ideas and inspiration to take your marketing to the next level.


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What have you read this weekend? I’d love to read your recommendations.